Water Treatment Systems
Custom Engineered Reverse Osmosis Sea Water
And Brackish Water Desalination

Water Treatment Systems

Golf Course RO SystemGolf Course RO System

 Reverse Osmosis Desalination is an effective solution for transforming sea water and brackish water into a usable industrial, commercial or potable water product.

Growing populations, increased demand for water by individuals and industry, and diminishing freshwater sources as a result of environmental degradation and drought have created water shortages across the world. Water Treatment Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures Reverse Osmosis Systems using cutting edge technology, superior components and the highest quality customer service. At the same time, we offer low, highly competitive pricing for our clients.

                              Water Treatment Solutions

Water Treatment Systems,Inc. works with engineering companies, contractors, private and public sector clients to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for treating brackish and sea water resources world-wide. From initial concept to finished RO system design or, a complete RO based water treatment plant, our experienced applications and membrane process design professionals will provide you with every detail necessary for the success of your project.  All RO systems are custom engineered and designed specifically for individual client requirements. All RO systems are designed for maximum durability and minimal maintenance. Areas of specialization include, sea water reverse osmosis systems, brackish water reverse osmosis systems, golf course irrigation systems, agricultural irrigation systems, industrial process water systems, boiler feed systems, beverage and water bottling systems, reuse systems, multi-media filters, UF systems, RO Membranes and much more. We also offer antiscalant chemicals and membrane cleaning chemicals that have been proven effective in the field by our own field service engineers.


Our team of Engineers, Hydro-Geologists and Project Managers will work with you to design and build complete turn-key water treatment plants, anywhere in the world. Water Treatment Systems provides comprehensive support during start-up and after sales service, either on a call out or contract basis. The engineering and process knowledge of our service engineers ensures the best possible support.

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If you are planning a complete turn-key Water Treatment Plant, or, would like a quote for a Reverse Osmosis System, send us an E-mail. A fast response is guaranteed. Call Us at 561-477-2609.


Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment for Brackish, Sea Water Desalination
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