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WTS Antiscalant is the Premium Broad Spectrum Antiscalant without the Premium Price Tag

Antiscalant for Membrane Systems

After years of testing at numerous RO installations WTS, Inc. has identified an antiscalant product that is highly effective at maintaining consistent long term optimum operating conditions of our systems. WTS-102-Plus is our choice for protection from membrane fouling and we use it for both brackish and sea water RO water treatment plants. We highly recommend this product for your systems too!



    Threshold inhibition of carbonate, phosphate and sulfate scales

    Stabilization of iron, manganese and other metal ions

    Interference with silica polymerization

    Dispersion of metal oxides, colloidal silica and aluminum-silicate clays

    Crystal modification of precipitants


    Reduction or complete elimination of acid dosing

    Operation at higher recoveries

    Versatile and highly effective at lower dosages

    Broad spectrum control of scalants and inorganic foulants

    NSF / ANSI Standard 60 approved for dosing into potable water systems

    Approved by leading membrane manufacturers

Chemical Feeding And Control

WTS Antiscalants are normally fed continuously prior to the final cartridge filter. It should be injected by chemical dosing pump from a dilution tank or directly from the drum to the feed water line. The amount of WTS-102 PLUS required to inhibit scale formation depends on the quality of feed water and operational parameters of the membrane system. The specific control ranges will be specified by the technical representative and can also assist you in determining the appropriate dose rate for your system. We can supply LMI Liquid Metering pumps. Ask for a quote.

WTS-102 PLUS is packaged in 55 gallon, non-returnable plastic drums. We Ship World-Wide from Florida USA!

WTS Reverse Osmosis systems are known for their durability and maximum service life. This is the Antiscalant we use for all our systems. Available in 55 gallon drums. Order 4 drums and Save Additional $$$. Additional Antiscalant Products Available To Meet Special Feed Water Requirements

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                          Antiscalant For Multi-Stage Flash Evaporators

  • WTS A-181P is a high performance, proprietary blend of scale inhibitors designed for superior control of calcium salt
  • precipitation, scale formation and fouling in seawater multistage flash distillation plants.
  • WTS A-181P is effective against calcium carbonate scale formation at top brine temperatures greater than 100oC, where
  • total control of particulate fouling and sludge is critical to maintain thermal efficiency.
  • WTS A-181P has superior control of Calcium Sulfate, Barium Sulfate, Strontium Sulfate, and Calcium fluoride
  • WTS A-181P will disperse any formed metal oxides, silt, clay and other colloidal particles in order to minimize frequency
  • and difficulty of cleanings.

WTS A-181P is NSF approved under ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water applications
Features and Advantages
• Designed to inhibit inorganic scale formation in flash distillation processes
• Disperses insoluble particulates, sludges and slurries
• Effective threshold inhibitor and crystal modifier
• Excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability
• Environmentally compatible, especially where discharge of waste into the environment is a concern

WTS A-181P is is packaged in 275 Gal Totes, 55 Gal Drums or 5 Gal Pails. We Ship World-Wide from Florida USA!

Membrane Cleaning Chemicals 

WTS C-234 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning Compound


  • WTS C-234 is a concentrated liquid formulation designed for use as a low pH cleaner of polyamide thin film composite membrane surfaces.
  • WTS C-234 removes inorganic carbonate, phosphate and sulfate scalants as well as metal oxides.
  • WTS C-234 contains a synergistic blend of cleaners and scale removal agents for a thorough cleaning of the membrane.
  • WTS C-234 will remove certain inorganic precipitants that cannot be removed through the use of citric or hydrochloric acid.
  • WTS C-234 may eliminate the need for repeat cleanings in cases of severe scaling.
  • WTS C-234 is NSF approved for use in potable membrane systems.
  • WTS C-234 is compatible with all Thin Film Composite R.O. membranes from all major membrane suppliers.

WTS C-237 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning Compound - High pH


  • WTS C-237 is a concentrated liquid formulation designed for use as a high pH cleaner of polyamide thin film composite membrane surfaces.
  • WTS C-237 works to remove the most stubborn biofilms and organic foulants.
  • WTS C-237 supports the cleaning of acid insoluble sulfates of calcium, barium and strontium as well as calcium fluoride.
  • WTS C-237 is especially effective in removal of metal oxide deposits when used in a pH range of 9 – 10.5.
  • WTS C-237 is buffered so as not to exceed a pH of 12.
  • WTS C-237 may eliminate need for repeat cleanings where severe fouling exists.
  • WTS C-237 is NSF approved for use as a membrane cleaner in potable water systems.
  • WTS C-237 is compatible with all Thin Film Composite R.O. membranes from all major membrane suppliers.
Membrane Cleaners are available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. Ask about our specialty (problem solving) membrane chemicals. We Ship World-Wide from Florida USA!

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