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Water Treatment Systems Inc, designs and manufactures RO systems for desalination of brackish well water. Systems are custom engineered to meet individual client requirements. WTS systems are designed to produce potable, industrial and irrigation quality water from brackish water sources with total dissolved solids of 2000 ppm up to and greater than 7000 ppm. All of our Brackish Water RO systems are designed for maximum durability and minimum maintenance. In fact, one Golf Course irrigation system, 1 MGD, in Florida has recently had it's first membrane replacement after 12 years in operation. Our systems are high quality, high performance yet sensibly priced. Call us at 561.477.2609 or send an Email to discuss your requirements for potable, process or irrigation quality water.

Golf Course Irrigation

In recent years golf course managers have begun installing Reverse Osmosis water treatment systems which provide an excellent quality of water for irrigation and at a much lower cost than that of municipally supplied water. The use of RO for treating water for irrigation is not new. Seaside hotels in areas such as the Caribbean, Mexico, South America and the Mediterranean regions have been using RO for many years to desalinate seawater for potable water and irrigation needs. 

There are several factors driving the trend towards RO water treatment for golf course irrigation.  Golf course managers who buy their water from a municipal source may find rising prices to be of major concern.  The cost of municipal water for irrigation may be the single largest cost expenditure your organization may have.  Additionally, re-used municipal water may be harmful to turf, for example, your Sodium Absorption Ratio (SAR) may be too high. Brackish water RO systems reduce sodium and chloride in brackish well water. During periods of drought not only are water bills very high but municipalities may not deliver the amount of water that’s needed for daily maintenance.  The reduction in potable municipal water use by your organization should also have a positive environmental impact upon the community water resources.  Shallow wells, a common source of irrigation water, are becoming highly regulated with limits on how much water maybe withdrawn each day. In coastal areas, shallow wells may be subject to salt water intrusion making them unusable for irrigation.

In Florida, the South Florida Water Management District, which manages the state's water resources, provides Grants to cities and private entities, i.e. Golf Clubs, for development and use of alternative water sources for irrigation that otherwise might not be usable. The Floridan Aquifer, a highly brackish water supply located beneath most of Florida can now be utilized using Reverse Osmosis. These are just a few of the factors that are driving the trend toward private ownership of a Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant. Perhaps the most important reason is the ability to provide a consistent high quality source of water for beautiful greens and fairways. 

Fortunately, in much of the coastal USA there exists brackish water aquifers that have no practical use and are not as highly regulated as wells of sufficient quality for potable water use.  Reverse Osmosis is a valuable tool that allows golf courses to utilize this brackish water as a feed source to produce water of an excellent quality for irrigation. 

Given these circumstances the most effective benefit of a Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant is the cost savings that it provides.  The actual operating cost depends on many variables but the range is somewhere between $.50 and $1.45 per thousand gallons of product water when brackish water is available, and an estimated $2.00 to $3.00 per thousand gallons when seawater is the only available water source. 

How much are you paying per thousand gallons, now?  If your answer is “much higher” then you will be glad to know that the savings your clients will realize by making their own irrigation grade water is very likely large enough to return the capital cost of entire Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant in three to five years. 

Your facility deserves to have the best water quality. Now is the time to consider developing and alternative water supply and operating a privately owned water treatment facility for your organizations irrigation water needs.

Application ProfileMaking Brackish Water Usable for Golf Course Irrigation

Eliminating RO Concentrate Brine

Of major concern to many prospective RO system owners is where to discharge the concentrated water stream (brine) created by the system. In many cases the concentrate can be discharged to a dedicated lake or pond, and infiltration trench or to an approved body of water of similar concentration. If these do not exist then the choices are narrowed to deep well injection or evaporation. The latter can be very expensive. Water Treatment Systems, Inc has developed a process to reduce the quantity of RO concentrate as much as 98% which often allows for discharge to waste-water facilities.

Application Profile: Nearly Zero Liquid Discharge for Golf Course RO Plant

Design - Build

WTS will provide consultation and services for a complete water treatment plant beginning with an analysis of your source water and site conditions. Next we will provide you with a Master Plan covering all phases of water treatment plant construction including design, permitting and cost.

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Water Treatment Systems, Inc. designs, builds and services Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems. All systems are designed to meet your specific needs without breaking the bank! Call us at 561-477-2609 or send an Email describing your next project and we will respond quickly.



Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment for Brackish, Sea Water Desalination

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