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Much of the worlds arid land areas suffer from a lack of freshwater. In some third world countries where water supplies exist, the quality of the only available sources of fresh water is so poor that health problems are endemic and industrial activity is non-existent.  A recent United Nations report concluded that two out of three people on Earth will live in places without enough freshwater to drink or grow crops by the year 2025.

With the development of advanced desalination technology, there has been an enormous improvement in the quality of life for populations formally suffering from the lack of freshwater. Indeed, the ability to provide freshwater from the sea, using Reverse Osmosis technology, has raised living standards for millions of people by supplying sanitary drinking water and contributing to the growth of industrial and commercial development. 

Reverse Osmosis desalination technology has also contributed to tremendous growth in tourism and vacation industries in island coastal communities. Hotel, Resort and Condominium development has been booming in areas of the world that otherwise could not support such projects due in part to an inadequate supply of fresh drinking water and water for irrigation of landscaping and golf course fairways and greens. 
Water Treatment Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures desalination systems in sizes from 10,000 GPD to multiple 1 million GPD skids to meet your water treatment plant capacity.

Containerized SW RO Water Treatment Plants

WTS, Inc. supplies complete water treatment plants delivered to your job site, ready for connection to water and power. Process equipment and systems are installed in refurbished, high cube reefer containers with air conditioning, lights and personnel access door. Installations can be permanent or if desired, the container can be lifted and placed on a flatbed truck for relocation.

WTS Desalination Plant Powered by Wind Turbines

WTS, Inc.has proposed a new fresh water production facility for an Island population off the coast of Africa.  The plant will be housed in a number of 40’ shipping containers to produce 4,500m3 of fresh water daily.  The plant will be powered by its own 750kW wind generator and backup thermal (diesel/bio diesel) generator, and tied to the island’s existing electrical grid for redundancy and continual operation for consistent supply of fresh water.  This arrangement of the desalinization plant, combined with its wind and thermal power plants, has been specifically sized in order to create a ‘modular’ configuration which can be duplicated in other areas of the country.  By using this modular approach WTS, Inc. can provide great economies for the islands in terms of scale and redundancy of design, inter-interoperability across multiple plants, cross-training of operating personnel and the supply of spare parts for immediate repairs.  The integral design also allows fresh water production to be increased during times of excess wind energy and stored, thus acting as a cost effective ‘battery’ for the wind energy.

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Water Treatment Systems, Inc. designs, builds and services Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems. All systems are designed to meet your specific needs without breaking the bank! Our systems are designed for maximum durability and minimum maintenance. Call us at 561-477-2609 or send an Email describing your next project and we will respond quickly.


Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment for Brackish, Sea Water Desalination

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