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Wind Powered RO Systems

Fresh Water From Clean Energy

Through our ‘Essential Utilties’ Consortium we now offer a very unique package to world markets. Our system integrators have combined Aeronautica Windpower’s 225 and 750kW wind turbines with our Reverse Osmosis water desalination plants. This combined system is perfect for island communities, developing markets, or high energy cost regions, and is pre-engineered to work together as a combined system in modular configurations. Using a proprietary logic controller that makes extra fresh water when the winds are blowing, our system uses water storage like a ‘battery’ to store the wind’s power - in the form of fresh water. Our system then prioritizes how the available wind energy can be used in running transfer and intake pumps in order to maximize savings.


            Optimized to Provide Maximum Fresh Water at Minimum Costs


When no wind is available, the system instantly switches to grid power or an on-site generator. If excess wind power is still available after making extra fresh water, we put it back on the grid. Through AWD and our International Development Partners, we can offer Design/Build services only, or a complete, Turnkey operation that sells you water and excess power under water purchase agreements. We can provide a full range of services, including permitting, design, construction, financing and operations, maintenance and management functions.

Configurations Available in Modules of:

750 kW Wind/1,500m3/day Water

1,500 kW Wind/3,000m3/day Water

2,250 mW Wind/4,500 m3

Investment in the construction of new water supply and treatment infrastructure in emerging economies will become a dominant theme over the next decade. For more information call us at 561-477-2609 or E-Mail us at jeff.dunn@watertreatmentsystems.us

We also offer Solar Energy options for large scale projects.


Wind Powered Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment for Brackish, Sea Water Desalination

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